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Umm, fic. [May. 17th, 2007|04:21 pm]
HMS Torchwood - A Shipping Out the Whole Crew


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Uh, i thought that seeing as this community was like really dead, i would add something to it, so here is a fic i did a while back. I'm sorry if you lot have already seen it, i just thought i'd bring some life to the place.

Title: Feathers
Author: bloff16
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 15
Summary: What did Jack and Ianto get up to last night and what are they doing tonight.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, it's RTD and the BBC who do.
A/N: I might post the other chapters to this, i'm not sure.

As Jack looked down at his team working, he caught a glimpse of Ianto, he couldn’t help but remember the way he had been so different the night before, he had been happy, laughing, had let the mask he wore day after day fall to reveal the true Ianto Jones and Jack had to admit, the real Ianto Jones had a rather kinky brain. He shuddered, that thought always made him shudder, even if he and Ianto had been having a relationship since Suzie died… again, he had to keep reminding himself that. Oh god, Ianto was looking at him now, he couldn’t face looking into those eyes, every time he did he could see what Ianto was thinking, and that type of thinking was sure to make it so he couldn’t go out anywhere and would have to sit down, it was also something that would have to wait till after work. When he was finally brought out of his thoughts he couldn’t see Ianto anywhere, until he heard a knocking on the conference room door and turned around to see the perfectly suited Ianto with a cup of coffee.
“What’s it tonight?” He asked.
“Feathers” Ianto replied with a huge cocky grin.
He cursed to himself, it had to be feathers, he can stand anything but feathers and with Ianto being as hot as he is, add him with feathers and he didn’t stand a chance. ‘I’ll have to practice’ he thought to himself, so he picked up his coffee and couldn’t help the image of a naked Ianto hovering over him and attacking him a feather, laughing uncontrollably. Oh Jack couldn’t wait for all the others to go home so he and Ianto could have some fun.
As Ianto looked around the hub he noted that it was halfway clean so he didn’t have much to do tonight, that was good as he already had everything planned out. He looked up at Jacks office and noticed that the captain was avoiding making eye contact, it wasn’t as if Ianto was thinking of anything he could do to Jack, it was what he had already done to him that was making a huge smile that spread across his face, the images of Jack losing all control he had had just made him smile and reflect on just how that had happened, oh good nights. He decided that before he would have to go into hiding in the archives due to his thoughts arousing him, he thought he would make some coffee to get his mind off Jack. When he went into the kitchen he saw the stopwatch and quickly put it in his pocket so he couldn’t think of when they had used that last, oh god he had to stop thinking about that. Only problem was when he was making the coffee his brain kept telling him it was time to think about Jack and all things he would like to do to him. As he knocked n the conference room door he could tell Jacks mind was elsewhere, so he knocked and went inside, as he handed Jack his cup of coffee Jack asked him.
“What’s it tonight?”
“Feathers” He replied with his best cocky grin.
As he left the room he could almost hear Jack silently curse to himself, he knew Jack couldn’t handle feathers, he would make Jack beg for him to stop when he would drape over him with the feather and laugh at the futile attempts Jack would make to get away, but of course, he would be tied to the bed unable to move and would have to endure every minute of the feather. So as he went down to the archives to hide out until the others went home, he was thinking of how his plan might be just a little to nasty, oh well, Jack liked it nasty, and he knew that. He couldn’t wait until it was just them.